One Down, One to Go



Hello friends!

It is the 5th day of Christmas… and there is one version of the one appropriate song for the day that trumps all others:



I miss John Denver. Don’t judge.

But anyway, it is indeed the 5th day of Christmas. We didn’t put our tree up until the 23rd, so we’re in no hurry for Christmas to come to an end. I had to run some errands this morning, and I turned on the all-Christmas-all-the-time [since All Saints Day!] radio station…. and I was taken aback to hear something not remotely Christmas-y. The stores have only picked over bins of 80% off Christmas items… picked over candy.. leftover tinsel and garland… and I walked back into the door of my house and heard the carols singing and saw the tree [aluminum] and its light [rotating disc of varying colors. Coolest. Tree. Ever.] and I was relieved to be walking back into Christmas. How has this happened? How has it come to this?? 


We have a big advantage at our house; Ms. A was born on Christmas morning, and Mr. A was born on Dec 28.. T-man was placed with us on Dec 28th,  and Fr. S celebrates an Epiphany birthday… so we have reasons to celebrate throughout the 12 days of Christmas. I think that helps keep the holidays front and center for us, and I’m so glad. I’m just not ready to put it all away yet, and I’m always too sheepish to embrace the Incarnation during Advent [it’s the Lutheran left in me. I can’t help it]. 


But what I want more than anything is for the Incarnation of this Emmanuel to be recounted, retold, relived, revealed in me all year long – more of Him and less of me. This is my prayer on this 5th day of Christmas.

And, I wouldn’t mind 5 or so new golden rings.


Oh! The title of this post refers to this:



Right Hand - Stitches Out!

Right Hand - Stitches Out!


I got my stitches out this morning. I’ve been playing piano every day – a couple of nights ago it was close to an hour’s worth of playing – my right hand could have gone on all night, while the left hand needed a shake-down break every 4 minutes to get the blood flowing again. I’d rate the right hand’s ability to play at about 80-85%. I’d never have believed it.

One week to go until the left hand begins the same process. I can’t say enough good about the healing process, my ability to play, the level of pain – it all has been FAR better than anything I expected. I am profoundly grateful, and will be all the more so when both surgeries are but a distant memory.

Christmas joy to all of you!