Good Friday and Completed Fasts

In an hour we will leave for church for our Good Friday service – veneration of the cross, reserved sacrament, followed by hot cross buns. No music, no show, no lights, no heat. Stark. Cold. Dark. Entombed. Just right.

I am eager to think deeply on the cross. On the curtain torn in two.. on the darkened sky and the thunder rolling.  I will sit with my kids because there’s no music today. A different perspective for me for this one day in the year.

I am eager, too, for our post-service fast-breaking Hot Cross Buns. For me they are more than just the Good-Friday-Fast-breaking… for I have been juice fasting since February 1st. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices from my home juicer. I am changed in every way because of this experience. Some of the things I have learned….

  • Love of carbs = love of sugar. Same animal.
  • Habits are hard to break, but they are breakable.
  • Years of damage and unhealth – dis-ease – can be corrected. Improved. Helped. 
  • I am not alone.
  • I am stronger than I ever knew.

I will be a one-meal-per-day eater for the foreseeable future, with the rest of my intake from juice. If you are interested in this journey, this process, this… unburdening, then run to your computer [wait.. you’re already there] and watch this. It’s also streaming on Netflix. It was the first piece – or maybe the final straw – for me.

My fast didn’t coincide directly with Lent.. but it did overlap. One of my most thought-and-prayed phrases has been ‘He made Himself nothing’ from Philippians 2. It puts all things – everything – in perspective. And it has given me courage when I was on the cusp of failure.

Drop me a note if you’re interested in more information.  My heart is full. I am thankful for a costly cross, a borrowed tomb, and a surprising gardener.



2 thoughts on “Good Friday and Completed Fasts

  1. Beautiful, Steph. What perfect timing for breaking your fast. Thank you for sharing this journey with me…for letting me ride on the coat tails of your enthusiasm and success.

    It is so good to know that change CAN happen.

    Love you,

  2. I think I read this on the sly at work, so didn’t respond. But it moved me. “Courage on the cusp of failure” is such a rich phrase.

    I’m eager to see what futher surprises that gardener has.

    Love, Carol

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