So, anyway, as I was saying….

I forgot.

I have a blog.

I am ready to return with a full report of the summer of 2010 – probably more full than you, my dear and few readers, want to experience. But I’m feeling the itch to process.

I shall do it here.

Because I need you, and your wisdom, and your prayers, and your love.

And this seems to be as good a place as any to gather together.

Stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “So, anyway, as I was saying….

  1. Stephanie,
    Since we’ve connected through this FB thing you’ve been on my mind.
    I’ve read you lost your mom this year (4 months, yes?) and have 3 (?) wonderful children.
    You remain ever joyful. I love the work you are doing and I love the joy you find in it. I have followed my “gut” to pray for you over this week.
    AND, the picture of you playing and singing with a minister in the background on your website is truly awesome.


    • Thank you, sweet Mary. Yes, mom died unexpectedly on July 9th… long saga, but much mercy. Hard to find it sometimes. I have FOUR kids – 11, 7, 5, and 2. Life is FULL. God is good. I’m home with the kids, but have the joy of traveling as a worship leader for different teachers and speakers – keeps me sane. I’m married to an Episcopal Priest – our life is full of laughter and love. Are you ever home in WI? Because we’d sure love to hire you some Sunday to sing an Exsultate or two. 🙂

  2. Thanks for getting back to this blog. I am so glad to know that you’ll be here. Love the pic of your mom and Ezra. So precious and sweet to have that memory of her with your children. Take care, Steph. I am looking forward to reading your blog again. Love you!

  3. Wonderful to see you back here! I’m sure that I’m not the only one who wants to be here for you – process away dear friend. I know I have done more than my share of that on my blog… feel free to share, we will pray and encourage as much as we can —> best thing though is to point you to the Great Encourager Himself. He by far does a better job than any of us can do!

    Love you!

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