Coming soon….

…for your reading pleasure:

Surviving Summer in a Small Town
The Year My Kids Went To Six Weeks Of VBS


The Circus World Museum: Creepy, Yet Fascinating


Twenty Minutes From a Starbucks Latte and Surviving After All


Anything You Need To Cook Supper You Can Get at Kwik Trip


Baraboo: On The Way From Up North to Southeast Wisconsin No Matter How You Slice It


Carr Valley Cheese: Curds for the Rest of Us


Someone At Church Gave Us the Biggest Zucchini I’ve Ever Seen


…more soon!

7 thoughts on “Coming soon….

  1. That’s Hilarious! Creativity at it’s best.

    Steph, I’m sorry, but I need a safe place to do this. I need to SCREAM!!!!! Hannah is getting married in two days! My only daughter! Where did the time go?

    Ok, now I can be my calm and steady self again, I just needed to vent. Thanks.

  2. “Surviving Summer in a Small Town
    The Year My Kids Went To Six Weeks Of VBS”

    funniest thing ever. i am still laughing a day later.

    “Twenty Minutes From a Starbucks Latte and Surviving After All”

    how are you surviving? next time i am in wisconsin we will have to meet in the middle, at a starbucks.

    “Anything You Need To Cook Supper You Can Get at Kwik Trip”

    well i could… but it doesn’t really take a lot to serve frozen pizza or freezer burritos. i can get those pretty much anywhere… i would like to see how YOU could buy supper supplies at Kwik Trip.

    • M – well, our Kwik Trip has started carrying potatoes and onions, carrots, and with the cheese and eggs and milk – well, even I can usually come up with something. I’m a rotten cook – no, not rotten, just not very well versed in things that are quick and easy. So the burritos and those little deep fried taquito things up front become a great option. 🙂

      And I’m holding you to that latte.


  3. Stephie,
    this is great! Yes, VBS is an art form to help get some quiet time when there isn’t much else to do in a small town.
    Thank God we are near Dave’s parents, and their farm, which is an endless source of fun and adventure for the kids (and an endless source of concern about what Grandpa might take the kids to do next….) I just kind of plug my ears, close my eyes and ignore him taking off with both kids on the 4 wheeler, racing down the road…

    Ah well, they have fun and I am trusting God with them! I couldn’t keep them away from the farm if my life depended on it! 🙂

    I hope you are adjusting well.
    I just love your thoughts here! Mosinee finally has a great little coffee shop in town, that I like better than starbucks… good coffee, good lunches, good tea, wonderful spots to sit and read or talk or soak up the sun on a cold winter day… perfect! 🙂 it even shares space with a book store. You know me… i am in seventh heaven!

    Love you!

  4. Thanks stephie for the recommendation. I am going to have to look that up! Anything I can do to help me focus on God in the morning and during the day is helpful to me. I have had a hard time since coming back from my conference trying to get refocused and re-acclimated to life… does that make sense? You have done so many conferences… have you had that happen, when you get touched by God and then have a hard time coming back “down” from the mountain top?

    Have you found anything that helps you?

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