My Partner in Hymn-geek-ology


This is Carol. She gets me.


She knows that flying over the mountains makes my lips numb.


She knows that a well placed key change means that the car has to pull over.


She knows that phrases like ‘Christ the Victim, Christ the Priest’ are almost too perfect to sing.


She hears the ocean waves like I do in ‘O The Deep Deep Love’.


She knows the consternation I feel at the elimination of hymnals in my generation’s worship life, and she

shares my heartbreak.


And she just might be the smartest woman I know… whom I’ve never met. But one day…. one day, indeed.


I’ll be playing her top-10-hymn list in the next few days. Join us! Link up! Let’s rejoice in our hymnals, the

jewels of the church, handed down from generation to generation — stones of remembrance, moments of


One thought on “My Partner in Hymn-geek-ology

  1. No pressure, my Stephie.

    No pressure.

    But I’m camping here until you post your list.


    Cuz I have to know what makes your top ten. It’s impossible, no? Im-poe-SEEE-bleh.

    Thank you for your kind words. You “get” me too.



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