From Where I Sit….

….I see spring. I smell it, too — it’s been wet outside and it smells like worms. You know, that after-rain-all-clean smell.


I see a 6 year old playing legos while watching Johnny Quest – the original episodes, of course…. a 4 year old playing with one of my scarves… there’s a sweet 8 month old sitting in his crib, looking deceptively cute compared to the amount of sleep he’s getting – and giving his parents – overnight.

I see laundry. Mountains of it. Clean, folded, but languishing in laundry bins. Must. Put. Away. Today.

I see boxes in the corners of rooms — the beginnings of our move, now less than a month away.

I see the sweet comments you’ve all left and I rejoice..

I see a 10-year old writing his essay for today – in a much better mood than he was while doing long division…

And I smell the remainder of our lunch – roasted veggies – peppers, onions, and asparagus [!!!] – with balsamic vinegar – in my case, served on a whole wheat wrap with goat cheese. It is entirely possible that that was the finest meal I’ve eaten. Ever. Easy peasy, so clean and healthy – I dunno. Felt great. Kinda smells like hope to me.

Have a wonderful Monday. I’m off to soccer. again. And I love every minute of watching my star play – 3 goals in each of 2 games over the weekend. He’s a rockstar!

3 thoughts on “From Where I Sit….

  1. Thanks for the images – laundry, soccer, veggies, worms and boys – a glimpse of a moment in your life. As a freind of mine says – true spirituality is being one’s real self in one’s real life as God has made us to be. Keep being real my friend.

  2. How about I come over to put away your laundry, and then you can come over to my house to put away my laundry? Does that sound like a plan?? 🙂

    Sounds like you have been busy…but so very happy. So good to hear from you Steph!

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