Emerging from Easter stupor…

…with a brief update and a joyous YouTube clip…


I’ll be getting back to this blogging thing soon — maybe a hymn of the week or something. Not sure what shape it will take, but I know my treatise on Hyfrydol will be here soon.

We’re moving to Baraboo in June! Scott is the soon-to-be-installed Rector of Trinity Church, the kids are about to be enrolled in school, we’ve bought a small house near the schools, and we’re very excited for this new chapter to begin. Hooray!


Secondly, this has been a busy spring for me with worship gigs, and fall 09 promises the same. It’s a privilege. My calendar is posted at http://www.stephanieseefeldt.com for those who have the remotest interest. I’m working on selling my music on itunes as well, so stay tuned for a digital update. 🙂


Thirdly, I see lots of these sorts of things, but I have to confess that this one brought me actual joy this morning. If I ever happen to be in a European train station [ ? ] at the right time for one of these to take place, I might not be able to contain myself. This was also well timed, because in the car yesterday as we were listening to a remix of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ I said to Scott ‘man, I love remixes like this.’


He looked at me with a combination of alarm, consternation, and … worry.




‘Because they’re perfect for all the step aerobic routines I’m constantly making up in my head’.








‘You know’, he said, not unkindly, ‘those routines do you more good if you actually do them than if you just think about them.’


‘I know. Just you wait.’


So, with that ridiculous digression, here’s what made me smile this morning. Have a great day!

8 thoughts on “Emerging from Easter stupor…

  1. What a wonderful way to start my day…I am still smiling!

    Have a great one today.

    Ruth Ann

    PS…this is similar to another one someone did. (Donna had it on her blog a while back). aren’t these fun?

  2. Hi Steph!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my very first blog post! I am so glad I have a new blog to read besides my daily dose of Quiet Life and Pioneer Woman! 🙂 Yay for new digital friends!

    I haven’t had much time to click around on here yet but I’m sure you’ll be seeing many more posts from me, especially once I find where you hide all your D40 pictures! 🙂

    Are you from the Midwest like Mizz Boo? You know, I’ve never been further west than Auburn, Alabama. And haven’t often ventured farther north than Kentucky (I have been to New York twice!) So its REALLY interesting to me to see all of you guys from far away lands’ pictures! 😉

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday! It’s storming here! 😦


  3. Stephie!
    This was a great pick me up today. I needed it. I was laughing out loud, and singing along, and my daughter was dancing in the middle of the living room! 🙂

    Needed it today! Music is good for the soul… as always!

    Love you,
    and good to see you here again!

  4. Oh. My.

    Not only are we kindred, my friend, but our husbands must be kindred and not even know it.

    I can hear the audio track of my husband saying Exactly. The. Same. Thing. in that bemused, bestranged, bewondering, not unkindly tone.

  5. Well, if it’s any comfort, I do believe you are one STEP further on the step aerobics journey than I am as I haven’t even been THINKING of routines and music! LOL!

    Tammy ~@~

  6. I saw the same video at another blog. I love it. I would love to be present when one of them takes place.

    Congrats on the new job and the move! I am sure you will “bloom where you are planted.”

  7. What a riot! The train station – and your husband. I don’t know what made me laugh more . . .

    Hope the transition to Baraboo works well for all involved. You guys will be in my prayers.

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