A Journey of Devotion – Maundy Thursday

Come To The Table

Michael Card

Come to the table and savor the sight

The wine and the bread that was broken

And all have been welcomed to come if they might

Accept as their own these two tokens

The bread is His body, the wine is the blood

And the One who provides them is true

He freely offers, we freely receive

To accept and believe Him is all we must do


Come to the table and taste of the glory

And savor the sorrow, He’s dying tomorrow

The hand that is breaking the bread

Soon will be broken

And here at the table sit those who have loved you

One is a traitor and one will deny

And He’s lived His life for them all

And for all be crucified

Come to the table He’s prepared for you

The bread of forgiveness, the wine of release

Come to the table and sit down beside Him

The Savior wants you to join in the feast


Come to the table and see in His eyes

The love that the Father has spoken

And know you are welcome, whatever your crime

Though every commandment you’ve broken

For He’s come to love you and not to condemn

And He offers you pardon and peace

If you’ll come to the table, you’ll feel in your heart

The greatest forgiveness, the greatest release




I’ve always quipped that my early years of following Jesus, through the discipleship of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, were marked by learning the discipline of quiet times with a Bible in one hand and a hymnal in the other. This is true, but incomplete; for a true devotional time for me would consist of a Bible in one hand, hymnal in the other, and a Michael Card CD playing in the background – in the early years it was most likely “The Life”, his profound project covering the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. If you don’t have it, get thee to itunes and do so. In the Seefeldt household, disc 1 is Advent/Christmas, and disc 2 is Holy Week. 


The song quoted above is one example of Card’s writing – that he marries such a simply moving text with his lyric tenor melodies is the rest of the magic. He has shaped my soul, and I’m grateful for his gift. 



Today is Maundy Thursday. Maundy comes from the Latin of John 13.34 – mandatum novum do vobis, “A new commandment I give you: love one another.” Tonight’s service is a biggie in most liturgical traditions. We finally make it to the Upper Room, where Christ not only washed the feet of His disciples, but also instituted the Lord’s Supper and gave this new commandment – this mandate – mandatum – of love. Some churches go all out and do a foot washing as part of the service. Others focus more solely on the Eucharistic element of the day. 


For me personally, the most moving part of Maundy Thursday is its relationship to Good Friday. For at the end of the service, the altar is stripped of all adornment, all candles, everything beautiful, and the sacrament is removed to the chapel for the night of repose – the watch night – the prayer vigil – when members of the congregation sit and keep watch until the beginning of the Good Friday service at 1.00.




Would no one stay awake with me? 





Tonight, if only to redeem the failure of our ancient brothers, we will. 

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