That was the weirdest lunch I’ve ever made.

So, we’re living poor for a couple of weeks here – poorer than usual – meaning, no grocery accoutrements – use what you’ve got. The end.

Well, I had some ground beef that needed to be browned, so that I could use a bunch of it in some spaghetti sauce later in the week.

But I have no tomato soup which is, as every midwesterner knows, the base for any sauce/chili/goulash one might want to make.

So I took the meat… an onion and garlic… a can of spiced diced tomatoes.. a can of tomato sauce… chili powder… black beans… cumin… macaroni noodles [for filler]… and….

… frozen spinach that was, thankfully, thawed.

So it was basically chili with no soup.


Goulash, or something.

Served it up with shredded cheese, sour cream, and oyster crackers.

Strangely enough, the kids loved it, the hubby loved it, and it was a warm, filling lunch on a cold day.

I need to watch for the canned goods to go on sale. I guess I need to step foot in an Aldi – a store which, by the way, scares the heck out of me. I feel like I don’t know the secret handshake or something.

But sneaking spinach into a lunch that the kids actually ate?

Not a bad day.


8 thoughts on “That was the weirdest lunch I’ve ever made.

  1. All you need to know about Aldi is: 1) bring a quarter for the cart and 2) bring cash, checkbook or your debit card. They will not take credit cards and 3) bring your own bags (you can buy them if you forget–I just keep them in my car.)

    Some things are not cheaper for me at Aldi but many things are like their cereals: Raisin Bran for $1.79/box etc. And they have whole wheat pastas for around $1/14 oz. box. Once you’ve gone and figured out what to buy your subsequent trips are super fast–I can do an Aldi stop in less than 20 minutes.

    Congrats on your concoction! Sounds delicious. I sneak spinach and broccoli into tomato based meals all the time. It makes me feel so powerful. 🙂

  2. Lynn – that is a great price for WW pasta, for sure. But I didn’t think they took checks. We do everything by checks, so that would be fabulous if they did. Ours is in the hood, so maybe that’s why they don’t take ’em…

    I need to just gird my loins and learn the language. You should have heard my 10-year-old when I told him he was eating spinach. He had just explained how wonderful it was. I’m hoping the Popeye factor will come into play. Hah.

  3. The secret handshake busted me up. I remember reading a book on feeding your family for $12/week. The author referenced Aldis every other line. Made me so jealous. Another great store we don’t have is Winco. Maybe Aldis and Winco are related.

    And don’t oyster crackers make anything wonderful?

  4. You go, girl! We too are in the “eat what is here in the cupboards or freezer” season which makes for some interesting and creative meals that often the kids look at suspiciously! LOL! It’s a good lesson for them on thankfulness for all that God has provided for our *needs* AND a good lesson for me on thriftiness with my very limited grocery budget!

    Tammy ~@~

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