From Where I Sit II

…a bottomless pot of french press…
…fresh scones right out of the oven – white chocolate chip and craisin… oh my…
…wicked snowstorm out my window, but cozy inside…
…4 happy kids and a husband doing his ironing [yesss!]
…one best friend, a teacher, who came for dinner, stayed overnight, and has a snow day. How fun is that for a mommy?!?

… today, I rest beside the weary road and.. well, can you hear it? I think I just might hear the blessed angels sing. Thank you, Lord!


6 thoughts on “From Where I Sit II

  1. I want a seester girls snow day with scones! (Although I’ll take mine with dark chocolate, thanks.) How very fun for all of you! (I assume the teacher is my sis?

    I’ll be home for Christmas in 2 1/2 days, weather permitting. Pray that we make it, please!

  2. Yep, Meg. She’s here, and she just came inside after taking my 3 oldest punks outside in the snow. It has just stopped snowing, but it’s blowing like crazy.. and heaven knows that Mommy wouldn’t have taken them out… there’s no one like Auntie Katie!

    Praying for your journey. Talked to Katie about maybe a breakfast for the 3 of us…


  3. What a beautiful post Steph! It sounds like you had a lovely day all around.

    And thank you so much for your prayers yesterday…I felt His peace surround me and I know it was because so many of you were lifting my name up in prayer. I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much!


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