Thanksgiving. Giving thanks. hang this. Stan King. Stink van…

…what other words can you make out of Thanksgiving?


I find myself lamenting the fact that we relegate gratitude to one holiday a year, as opposed to being a culture that’s marked by [with?] gratitude. I long to be that kind of person, to raise my kids in a home where gratitude is paramount in all we are… I think we are on the right track, but I know how often I lapse into callous indifference… I would rather be someone who errs on the side of TOO many ‘thank you’s’ than not enough. 


I also wish that time could stand still in some magic way, so that all the family with whom we celebrated when we were young could gather with our immediate family. Thanksgiving was a big travel holiday for us, and our home always hosted Aunts and Uncles who are long gone. Mom and Dad remain, but are elderly and ill and don’t travel if there’s a HINT of a snowflake somewhere in the state [Dad would, but Mom… not so much.]. And DH is a pastor so getting away on holidays isn’t much of an option [not to mention the 10 week old baby…]. I miss when it was … easier.

But it’s richer now with the one I love and my littles at my side!

Wishing you all loads of tryptophan-induced naps, stuffing-induced belt loosenings [or elastic-pant wearing], and most of all, overflowing gratitude as you look around your life and see what God has given. We are blessed beyond measure.

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving. Giving thanks. hang this. Stan King. Stink van…

  1. Amen on the blessed beyond measure, Steph! I am so thankful that all my kids were able to be home and together for this long Thanksgiving weekend 🙂

    Tammy ~@~

  2. KG: Vain Things (it’s a mystery, even I don’t know what it means)

    Overflowing of gratitude…a lovely phrase to ponder. I love the illustration that whatever you are filled up with is the stuff that will come out when you are jostled. If it’s battery acid, battery acid will come out. If it is gratitude, that’s what will overflow.

    Advent Blessings,


  3. I completely agree Steph ~ we didn’t usually see our extended family at Thanksgiving (they all lived in Illinois and we lived in Ohio) but we were always in Illinois visiting them at Christmas. Now all of my grandparents, and many of our other relatives, have passed on. New traditions have begun…but I will always miss my loved ones that I used to celebrate the holidays with.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and full of thanks! Ours was completely lovely.

    Angie in OH

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