Thanksgiving. Giving thanks. hang this. Stan King. Stink van…

…what other words can you make out of Thanksgiving?


I find myself lamenting the fact that we relegate gratitude to one holiday a year, as opposed to being a culture that’s marked by [with?] gratitude. I long to be that kind of person, to raise my kids in a home where gratitude is paramount in all we are… I think we are on the right track, but I know how often I lapse into callous indifference… I would rather be someone who errs on the side of TOO many ‘thank you’s’ than not enough. 


I also wish that time could stand still in some magic way, so that all the family with whom we celebrated when we were young could gather with our immediate family. Thanksgiving was a big travel holiday for us, and our home always hosted Aunts and Uncles who are long gone. Mom and Dad remain, but are elderly and ill and don’t travel if there’s a HINT of a snowflake somewhere in the state [Dad would, but Mom… not so much.]. And DH is a pastor so getting away on holidays isn’t much of an option [not to mention the 10 week old baby…]. I miss when it was … easier.

But it’s richer now with the one I love and my littles at my side!

Wishing you all loads of tryptophan-induced naps, stuffing-induced belt loosenings [or elastic-pant wearing], and most of all, overflowing gratitude as you look around your life and see what God has given. We are blessed beyond measure.


Someone told me to do a me-me on my blog.

My first me-me. Seriously. me-me. That’s REALLY funny.

Thanks to Donna at Quiet Life. Her little corner of the internet is my first stop each day.

A – Age: 37
B – Soundtrack from ‘Wicked’. Not so much a band.
C – Career future: world famous singer/songwriter
D – Dad’s name: Ray, but everyone calls him Buzz.
E – Easiest person to talk to: Erin. Or Katie. 
F – Favorite song: the unanswerable question.. ok, for tonight, I’ll say ‘Going Home’ from the Dvorak New World Symphony.

[cringe factor – 4 out of 5 cringes. pretty pitchy…]

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: neither. Gummy food should be outlawed.

H – Hometown: Green Bay, WI
I – Instruments: A baby grand.
J – Job: wife and mother / worship leader
K – Kids: four
L – Longest car ride ever: Green Bay to Orlando
M – Mom’s name: Carol Louise
N – Number of jobs you’ve had: ten-ish.
P – Phobia: claustro.
Q – Quote: “We can’t have nice things”. Paula Poundstone, in a mid-late 80’s HBO comedy special. I know.

R – Reason to smile: My new baby boy.

S – Song you sang last: the one I wrote this afternoon for Erin’s 30th birthday.
T – Time you wake up: never as late as I’d like. 
U – Unknown fact about me: I’m adopted.
V – Vegetable you hate: peas, but only when in tuna casserole. they interrupt the flow.
W – Worst habit: over eating
X – X-rays you’ve had: teeth, knees, hips
Y – Yummy food: hot bread with freezing cold butter.
Z – Zodiac sign: Pisces


Ok friends. take it and run with it!

and the world needs another blog because…

…well, I’m not really sure why. But at 10.00 pm on November 6th, it seems like a good idea.


We’ll see.


Stay tuned. We’ll talk about life, hymns and theology, contextualization of the gospel, ABBA, a musician’s world, pop culture, Fernando Ortega, Arrested Development, 80’s music, homeschooling, 30 Rock, ecclesiology, and Little House on the Prairie. Probably all in the same post. Be prepared to hop in or it’s gonna be awfully lonely around here.


Myspace? Too smarmy. Facebook? Too voyeuristic.